Vega Mix: Fairy town

Grana 119 razy

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Join a girl named Vika and the mayor of a magical city in their quest to bring back the holiday spirit and ensure a successful New Year! Play challenging match 3 levels by connecting elements and solving puzzles to overcome various obstacles and help the mayor overcome problems.

Match 3 or more pieces in a line to explode them.
Match 4 pieces to create the Rocket. The Rocket blows up the whole line!
Match 4 pieces to form a square to create the Spinner. The Spinner destroys one of the targets!
Make a T-shaped match of 5 pieces to create the Bomb. The Bomb makes a massive explosion on the board!
Match 5 pieces in a line to create the Rainbow Flower. The Rainbow Flower explodes pieces of the same color!


Casual Match-3